First #WPOchat Announced – Join Us: April 28 2011 at 6 PM ET

Thursday, 7. April 2011 - 7:35 pm

When: Thursday  April 28th 6PM ET

Topic: (Introductions, Questions & Discussion about the state of WPO today and tomorrow

Moderators: Jonathan Klein, Organizer of #WebPerf Meetup Boston and Coach Wei of Yottaa

If you are interested – be sure to help us out! Tell your WPO friends and contacts about #WPOchat!  Tweet your interest with the hashtag #WPOchat, follow @wpo_chat, visit or comment on the blog:

More Information Below:

What is #WPOchat?

#WPOchat is a NEW monthly chat on Twitter for the Web Performance Optimization Community.


The rapidly growing #Webperf worldwide community on Twitter is a lively and engaging community with Meetups (London/Paris/Boston/NYC/SF/LA), a few conferences both virtual and real world (Velocity etc.) We believe a monthly loosely organized community lead chat on Twitter will help bring the community together and support the community.


This is a community chat – anyone can join and participate in the conversation. We hope to have community leaders like Steve Souders, #WebPerf Meetup attendees, and thoughtleaders at commercial entities like dynaTrace, Yottaa, etc.


The last Thursday of the month at 6 PM ET the community will login to Twitter and join the conversation. Each month there will be a different “topic” and a moderator and/or guest attendee (selected by the community) who will ask questions related to the topics. Participants are free to reply, re-tweet or comment on each other’s Tweets.

For more information about Twitter Chats – have a look at these links:



Picking a time that makes sense worldwide is never easy. However it seems that 6pm Eastern Time USA makes it accessible to night owls in Europe, end of workday East coast and afternoon break on the West coast. Each chat will be about 60 minutes. The best day is probably the last Thursday each month. Rain/Shine/Holiday – we will always be on.


Twitter ID: @wpo_Chat!/wpo_chat
Twitter Chat Hashtag: #WPOchat

Temporary Community Leaders:

Jonathan Klein @jonathanklein #WebPerf Meetup Boston Organizer

William Toll @utollwi of Yottaa 201-204-9880

We are looking for other community leaders, join us!  Also we are always looking for a topic for future Twitter Chats.  This first chat is more of a welcome chat – future chats can be about specific topics!  Leave a comment below. Remember this is your community, we want to hear from you!


  • Swan

    Thanks for linking out to my two blog posts.

    You may also find to be a useful tool for posting a landing page that includes some host branding, day/time, and instructions along with the chat itself.

    All the best

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